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The Great Commission

I am flying fast and high … literally at 37,000 feet at 547 m.p.h., according to the T.V. monitor in our Boeing 767. I am headed for Copenhagen on my way home to BRUSSELS. I am also “flying high” by what we experienced in GREENLAND (population approximately 50-60,000, weather blustering for May). The principles of “discipling the nations” (Matthew 28:19) were in full operation.

Let me divert for a few lines and excerpt some thoughts from an article I wrote recently concerning the Church’s “mandate”. Normally, we have heard that the “Great Commission” of the Church is to “go”. However, the command form of Matthew 28:19 is not in the word “go” but “teach” (“disciple” in the Greek text). Christ presupposes His Church will be on the “go” when it is filled with the Holy Spirit! Since the Spirit is to make Christ manifest in the world, He prods the Church to use all means available to make Christ known throughout the world. “Having gone” (so is the tense of the verb “go” in KJV), Jesus says, “make disciples”! The process is two-fold: First, there is evangelism (“baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”). Second, there is training (“teaching them to observe to do all that I have commanded you …”).

The Church would do well to follow the order! Fulfillment of the “Great Commission” has not been accomplished until such order has been obeyed. This Decade of the Harvest demands our utmost attention what may be the final decade before the King Returns! The “signs of the times” reveal we are in the “last seconds” of the “last hour”. We must hear “the cry of the Bridegroom”, the “cry of the damned” (Luke 16), the “cry of the Cross”, and the “cry of the souls under the altar”!

Our hearts must not be overtaken with “surfeiting”, the “cares of this world” (even the religious world), the “cares of this life” (even religious activity that does not focus in on our priority task and goal), and the “lust for other things” (even “bigger and better”, “more and more”, material edifices that give more room for bureaucracy and not necessarily more advancement of the Kingdom of God)! The “Race” is for “Runners”, the “Fight” is for “Warriors”, the “Field” is for “Planters” and “Harvesters”, and the “Building” is for “Builders” … “for the Lamb deserves the fruit of His labor”!

Both Carmen and I want to thank you again! Your faithfulness in love, prayer, and support allows us to be an extension of you to this part of a very needy world. You are continually in our hearts and prayers.

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira
I Thessalonians 4:13-5:11