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Observations on Eastern Europe

Following are some of my general observations on eastern Europe:

1. First, God is moving throughout the churches in salvation and Pentecostal power. Most churches have outgrown their buildings and are desirous of pioneering other churches. In one country alone, there are 36 cities of 50,000 plus inhabitants without any evangelical work. Laborers are needed.

2. Open doors have created blessings for the churches. There is a new freedom to evangelize openly on the streets and in the city halls. New ways of dealing with the government as well as leading the Church are being explored.

3. Open doors have also produced some major problems. There is an expressed deep concern over the intrusion of the occult, false teaching and teachers, pornography, and religious oppression.

4. All leaders express an urgent desire to train pastors and leaders for ministry as well as ground the Church in Biblical doctrine and practice. Providing teaching/training materials facilitates the process.

5. Financial needs can best be met through wise planning, the Spirit’s guidance, and disciplined responses based on prayer, thorough inquiry, and accountability.

6. The Church has a hunger and desire to know God and His Word in the power of the Spirit. On the reverse of that, the Church in the East has some of the same weaknesses, failures, and needs as anywhere else. Man is one in nature. Culture or environment affect differently but have not changed the basic nature of man. Pastoral principles and challenges are similar for anyone in the ministry.

This last paragraph almost always ends the same … with thanksgiving to the Lord and to you for your love, prayers, financial support, letters, calls, and friendship. We are deeply indebted to you for your faithfulness to us. For those who are prayerfully and financially supporting us, these letters are our meager way of showing some kind of accountability to you. We cannot respond personally to each individual or church. I wish we could. Please accept this as an informal but sincere way of bridging the gap in time and space in bringing glory to God for His work through His Word and Spirit.

Blessings … Jesus is Lord! Maranatha!

Watching, Waiting, and Working until His Return,

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira
Isaiah 62:6,7