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New Missionaries

How good is our God … greatly to be praised and worthy of our love, obedience, and service. To Him be all the glory both now and forever!

After some very tiring weeks of preparation, we arrived in Europe and were able to spend some days resting. We “camped out” in an empty house before our shipment arrived. Wonderful missionary friends helped us with all the necessary items until then. We found that we could do for a month with a lot less “stuff” than we thought.

Unusual Events

On the first leg of our flight, the captain informed us that the Chicago airport was closed due to the inclement weather and would remain closed for at least 45 minutes. Within minutes after prayer, we were on our approach to the airport to land. Again, upon arrival in Chicago, we were told that we would be delayed for hours. It occurred to me that the same “problem” in landing was the same “problem” in takeoff. Again, prayer prevailed. Within minutes, the plane was being boarded. God is faithful! Our battle is the Lord’s. We must engage in the spiritual warfare in every aspect of our walk with God, knowing that He must prevail for there to be victory (Ephesians 6:10-18). What a marvelous God we serve!

A woman was regularly making chants and strange movements with her hands around the ICI building. This woman had others follow with her in the same cultic practice. During that time, many machines had been “out of order” and unavailable during some critical taping of ICI’s evangelistic course, “The Great Questions of Life.” Satan was on the prowl. Souls were at stake. Victory prevailed through prevailing prayer. Do pray for the ICI ministry.

Amusing Events

I walked into what I thought was a post office and ended up looking in the face of a cleaning lady with her mop. I also knocked on the door of what I thought was a bakery only to discover it was an elderly lady’s home. I kept repeating, “pardone”. It sounded French, but I think it was more Spanish than French! Oh, well. We are quickly becoming acquainted with the gracious people and the culture of Belgium.

Prayer Needs

Translations of several courses are now in progress and many more yet need to be done. Leaders are asking for training materials that have not yet been translated and reproduced. Eastern bloc countries are opening their doors for training their ministry. So little training materials are available in their languages. Do pray with us. Also, pray that God will send qualified MAPS workers to our office. Our present MAPS helper leaves in December.

This month, we are scheduled to travel to Yugoslavia, Italy, Germany, and France. Please pray for protection and that the ministry will have the anointing of God and be received.

Belgium is called “occult Belgium”. There is a center for the occult practices not too far from Brussels. The warfare is real. We need your faithful intercessory prayer on behalf of our family and ministry, the ministry of ICI, and the other missionary families here.

Thanks. Your partnership with us is greatly appreciated. You are continually in our prayers and thoughts.

Do keep in touch with us. Our family sends their prayers and blessings upon each of you. The Lord liveth … blessed be the name of the Lord!

In Hope of the Resurrection,

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira
II Thessalonians 3:3,5