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Heaven and God’s Throne

She’s gone, the most influential woman in my life, on October 19, 1993. At 93, she had lived a full and vibrant life. She was converted in her 20’s after hearing my Papa preach. They were married and began a long and fruitful ministry of evangelism, church planting, pastoring, and a two-term mission assignment to the land of my birth, the Azores Islands, Portugal. If Papa was the preacher/ evangelist (his real call) and later a pastor/missionary, Mama was the stalwart pillar of support, strength, and sacrificial service. Untiring in her labor, unbending in her faith, and unending in her prayer, she impacted our lives with godly devotion and example at home, church, and involvment in the community. Her favorite Scripture verse was Romans 8:28 while Papa’s was Romans 8:32 … not too far off for two strong and determined saints who sometimes differed in their theological positions but followed with faithfulness their love and obedience to the Lord and their love to one another for 56 years! I and my family want to honor her. I owe much of my present walk with the Lord to her, who nurtured me “from a child in the holy Scriptures” and in the Faith. One more witness in the heavenlies is spurring us on to our final Glory! Until the Morning … “We shall wear a crown …”

With worldwide changes being foisted upon us, I cannot help but believe that the prophetic time clock is speeding up to accommodate the Coming of Christ for His Church. Perishing mankind … the horrors of Bosnia/Herzegovina pale in comparison to the darkness of the doomed and the damned, separation without recourse or reversal! Our urgency, however, must be quickened not primarily because of events, but because of a renewed vision of Christ and His Cross Who has made Light and Life available to all. Surely, the “discipling of nations” is Jesus’ command that yet needs to be fulfilled. Training of leadership in the fragile democracies as well as in western countries is predominant in my mind and heart. I know you understand and care!

We thank you in Jesus’ Name! We bless you in Jesus’ Name! We pray for you in Jesus’ Name! We invoke His Name in behalf of you, your family, the church, the ministry, and your life. His Name is Healing! His Name is Victory! His Name is Righteousness! His Name is Shepherding! His Name is Sanctification! His Name is Provision! His Name is Presence! His Name is Almighty! His Name is Peace! His Name is Salvation! His Name is Jesus! His Name is Lord!

In His most precious and powerful Name Jesus,

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira, Friends and Partners with the Harvest Master and with You
II Thessalonians 1:11,12