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Don’t Give Up

Diversion. Disunity. Distraction. Differences. Destruction. Deceit. Discouragement. Doubt. Dryness. All of these words and more come to me in relation to ministry. Many of you can relate! Having pastored 14 years in one city and 1 year in another, I sense some of the same frustrations, fractures, and feelings associated with ministry.

However, though the Enemy of our soul and ministry “desires to sift us as wheat”, we have a great Intercessor, the High Priest and Advocate persuasively and passionately with outstretched hands to the Father presenting the cause of the Kingdom through us. I also hear other words in my spirit like delight, defense, dominion, drink, dig, dwell, depth, dedicate, Dayspring, and deliverance.

I DELIGHT in you, says the Lord … “I rejoice over you with singing”. I am your DEFENSE and high Tower. Do not be afraid. I have DOMINION over demons who would seek to kill, steal, and destroy you, your marriage, family, church, ministry, and, in some cases, your physical lives. Even at this moment as I write, I sense there are several of you who are despairing of even life itself and others ready to “throw in the towel” in your marriage and ministry. DRINK and DIG from the “wells of Salvation” with faith and the help and partnership of a trusted brother or sister. The Lord desires DEPTH in our lives and ministry (who we are) more than breadth of life and ministry (what we do). Know that the DAYSPRING is providing light and help. We are to DEDICATE ourselves to DWELL in the “secret places of the stairs” and in the “Tabernacle of the most High” and “wait and see the Salvation of the Lord”.

Know that you are loved, appreciated, and prayed for continuously. You are in our hearts with thanksgiving.

We covet your prayers and your friendship. Do keep in touch! We enjoy reading your letters.

Fellow-laborers and friends,

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira
Psalm 20:1-5; Eph. 6:19