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A Year of New Beginnings

Sitting in a Prague airport on my return flight home after 16 days of ministry gave me time to reflect on some very tiring but thrilling experiences. Last night in a regular church meeting I experienced an old fashioned “Holy Ghost” prayer/revival meeting, without the trappings of fanaticism, manipulation, or even overt human leadership … more later …

The experiences of these past months have made me even more conscious of our temporariness here on earth. The reality of being a pilgrim, building temporary altars, and living as if in a tent while we look for the “continuing city”, the new Jerusalem … being united with the Bridegroom and the innumerable hosts of heaven, past and present, and with family and friends … The options here on earth are getting less desirable and the uncertainty seems to be universally contagious … Everything seems to be in a state of flux!

The surety, stability, and standard of God’s Kingdom provides our only Hope and Security from man’s feeble attempts to control, confuse, and confiscate rights, properties, and freedoms. It is no wonder we preach the unshakable Kingdom of God, the Word of God, the eternal Christ, and the changeless God in the power of the sovereign Spirit! Our message is as relevant and needed today as ever before.


Do continue to pray for the ministry, the nations, and for us. We could not give you all the specific prayer requests. We know the Holy Spirit is faithful to lead you in prayer for us as a family, the missionary team working in Europe, and the needs of the churches and people that we are endeavoring to train for ministry. We must train the leadership. The “window of opportunity” is open NOW. Everyone that I have asked in the east bloc nations believes that it is not open indefinitely! We must determine our priorities, exert every effort, and believe the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers to accomplish His purposes at this critical hour in the prophetic time clock. The “hour” (seconds to the “last hour”) is late and the “day is far spent”.


May God continue to enrich your lives as you grow in His grace … May this new year be filled with a Spirit-inspired faith that challenges the Supernatural … May God’s love abound in your hearts to conquer all fears … May your lives be so in harmony with His, that you may know, hear, and follow His voice …

Thank you again! We seem to say the same things over and over again of God’s faithfulness and thanks for your extended love, prayers, support, and grace to us all. Do know that you are continually in our hearts and prayers. We are bound in the bonds of Calvary, sealed with the same Spirit, and destined to the same Glory and Throne! Hallelujah! It makes me not only want to shout but preach … We love you!

Servants of the Most High God,

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira
Nathan & Stephen
Isaiah 41:1-20